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Neck pain and head pain are common, yet complicated issues. Muscles can become strained from overuse and joints wear down over time. In today’s society, with the amount of time we spend on computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones, head and neck problems are on the rise.

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Head & Neck Care, Antigo Wisconsin

Head & Neck Pain Treatment

Take a moment to analyze your posture as you’re reading this webpage. Are you slumped in a chair or leaning over a table? Chances are good that your head is leaning forward and your shoulders are curved. This position can cause headaches, achy shoulders, and neck cricks. We use gentle adjusting techniques and advanced therapies to mobilize the head and neck to reduce pain. Some of the more common conditions which we treat are:

• Neck pain 

• Whiplash 

• Tech Neck or Teck Neck 

• Arthritis, osteoarthritis 

• Headaches, cluster headaches 

• Migranes 

• Thoracic outlet syndrome

Learn more about our services & treatments, or contact us today to ask how our treatment approach is different and can be more effective in healing your head or neck condition.

Additional Symptoms

In addition to back & spine care, we offer many other services for a variety of symptoms, conditions, and areas of the body, including, but not limited to: Back & Spine, Shoulder & Arm,  Knee/Legs & Joints, Neuropathy, Nerve Pain, and Arthritis.

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