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Expert & Effective Treatment for Many Different Types of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can occur due to overtraining, lack of conditioning, and improper form or technique. Muscle tears, strains, sprains and joint injuries can result from common sports injuries.

At Joint & Spine our strain and sprain specialists provide treatment for acute and chronic sports injuries. We also offer emergency care and walk in availability to help athletes get back in the game sooner.

We Treat:

+ Pulled Muscles
+ Runner’s Knee
+ Jumper’s Knee
+ Rotator Cuff Injuries
+ Shin Splints
+ Tennis or Golf Elbow
+ Ankle Sprains

+ Knee Sprains
+ Achilles Tendinitis
+ Hamstring Strains
+ Concussions
+ Groin Pull
+ And more

Not injured but looking for a way to improve your performance or avoid getting injured? Let the Doctors at Joint & Spine work with you to do just that. We have developed specialized treatment protocols to meet your individual goals as an athlete.

*Not every treatment option is right for every patient. One of our doctors will recommend the combination of treatment options that is best suited for your individual situation.

Additional Services

In addition to these traditional chiropractic services, we offer many other services including: Chiropractic Care, High Intensity Laser Therapy, spinal decompression, Neuropathy ReBuilder™ Therapy, dry hydrotherapy, DOT Exams, and we provide workplace services to surrounding businesses.

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